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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit the UK and it is causing havoc for events in the next few months.  We are very sad to say that due to advice from the Chief Medical Officer and Government, and in the interests of everyone’s safety, we have taken the decision to postpone the event.  Details are here:



A warm welcome to the home page of the Elite Community Meet team. Here you can find out all about Elite Community Meet (E.C.M.), who we are and our goals.

This year our intended venue is in the home of Frontier Developments, yes that’s right Cambridge (UK).  A slightly different venue than before we really hope to bring a lot of fun to your Easter weekend.



That’s it.  We’re sold out.  No more places left at the UK meet.

Fret not, if you’ve missed out, there are always a handful of cancellations between now and the event.  If you’re desperate, you can e-mail us or keep an eye on this post, the website and our twitter feed at and should any become available, it’s likely we’ll be releasing them around 4 weeks out from the event, and again at 2 weeks out. 

No promises, mind!

Our Venue is Cambridge Chesterton Indoor Bowls Club
Logans Way, Chesterton, Cambridge, UK, CB4 1BL
thSJ3A6WNX   Conference Setup Cambridge Chesterton Bowls Club

We are a group of people who have met through the community around the video game Elite:Dangerous and through those contacts have developed new friendships. Therefore we have created E.C.M. in order to develop events where people from solo players to groups of in game friends can meet in a relaxing environment, learn more about the game and have fun in the real world. Oh – and play games. Last year nearly 182 of us met in Manchester, the year before 160 of us got together in Reading, the year before that 128 in Bristol and before that 90 in Glasgow… before that (you get the idea).

If you would like to keep up with our events then why not follow our Facebook Page

Our Chosen Charities

As a non-profit group we donate any left over funds after events to our two chosen charities.


Special Effect is an organisation that seeks to help those who have challenges accessing gaming due to physical disabilities. They work with people to identify and use existing technologies and design new solutions that can help those individuals get the same pleasure as most of us do from the gaming world.


Hearing Dogs obtains, trains and homes Hearing Assistance dogs with those that would most benefit from a companion that can alert them to various aural queues that most of us take for granted. They Assist with audible alerts such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, mobile phone alerts etc. Not only do they assist with these alerts but they also provide real companionship as well.

Our Wonderful Sponsors

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Enjoy your stay here.
Right On Commander! o7
Facebook Posts

I have spent hours on the phone today to speak to Premier Inn regarding non-flex bookings. I had non-flex bookings this week that I can no longer attend. So I can pass on the information from Premier Inn.

Non-flex bookings will be refundable should you rebook an equivalent booking with the chain before october. Even if that booking is for a future date.

This means you do not need to panic about your non-flex bookings, even if they have passed and been charged. When you make your replacement non-flex booking (paying again), you email the references and details to the specific email address and they will process a refund on your original booking. Now hopefully this means you won't need to spend hours on the phone like me and can instead wait for the pressure on call centres to pass with knowledge you should be covered.

This is covering nonflex bookings from 16th March 2020 for 14 weeks or until they update the valid query.

I hope this saves you worrying, you will be out of pocket, but should you rebook the hotels for when we can actually reschedule ECM for, then you can re-claim the first booking. In Theory.


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If you're coming along this year and are bringing something that needs power, or an internet connection, or putting something in the raffle, or a board/card game, bringing the kitchen sink or building a shrubbery... Could you email us please so we can book you some space in on our plans!

Thanks to those who have sent messages in already....

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Evening all.. We are down to our last 10 tickets for sale now. When they're gone, they're gone!

We will operate a waiting/standby list in case we get any cancellations from people who can't make it but when that starts, we will be sure to let you know.

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Thanks to Frontier, who will be bringing along a bit of a "blast from the past" and their back catalogue:

• Elite
• Elite II
• LostWinds
• Darxide
• Thrillville: Off The Rails
• W&G: Project Zoo
• Dog’s Life
• RCT3
• LostWinds 2

Special thanks to the team member that's organising a few computers and having it all rigged with their history!

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Keep an eye on your inbox, everyone - an update has been sent out with info and a few questions. If you get the option, don't forget to check "this isn't spam" box and white list us so you get future ones.

160+ booked now and climbing!

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2 months ago

Eddie Girdler

As heartbreaking as it is, we must always remember that Lord Alvin and his co-workers are exactly that... ...

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124 tickets gone already and we only went live on Thursday! The list of "things to do" is filling up nicely - looks like a busy retro area again, plus the VR with a full motion VR rig and the usual standing Oculus Rift and Vive. Spidermind games will be there showing EDRPG and Battlecards (plus their newer products) and HCS Voice packs will as usual be sending a team.

Frontier have confirmed that a few of them will be there - not just the CM team but maybe even one of the developers or two, to come and join in the gaming.

So - have you booked your place yet? Don't forget the day is put on by YOU - the community, so if you've got something to bring along whether it be your XBox, or a board game, or some retro computing, it's all part of the day!

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