Activities 2020 – vECM

Schedule for the day:

  • The schedule (all times in BST):
    • 10:00 Kickoff on the main stage ( )
    • 10:00 onward – Game Time!
    • 11:00 First EDRPG Stream Team special begins with Paige, Stephen Benedetti, Will Flanagan, Psykit and of course Jon and Oliver from Spidermind
    • 12:30 Half Hour with the epic Commander Evenstar and his custom dog tag etching (and sometimes Elite sticker making) machine of wonder. Interview by CMDR A5ylum + see custom dog tags being made just for this event. Broadcast from the main stage ( )
    • 13:00 Drew Wagar is firing up 8 Bit Elite and playing “ironman” with the help of his viewers
    • 14:00 The traditional Quiz – join with a team, or on your own to walk away with the glory for your faction. Live from the main stage ( )
    • 16:00 An Artemis Bridge special – see the LIVE rig in action on from the main stage ( )
    • 18:00 The Raffle. Epic. It’s open to everyone. SpecialEffect and Hearing Dogs are our chosen charities. Donate throughout the day if you want to win things.
    • 19:30 EDRPG Session 2 – the “wishing Well” hosted by CMDR Wishblend. Spaces are still available on this one
    • 20:30 Hutton Orbital Live from the main stage ( )
    • 21:30 Racing from Cortes with Alec Turner and CMDR Sanderling. Get into game – details available (SOON)


  • Oculus Home Shenanigans
  • Second Life meeting place with Flossy
  • Docking Darts with CMDR Splendour. Can you direct him to throw darts and achieve the high score on the docking pads?
  • Spank the Hankey – challenge King Hankey to a 15 minute speed chess game. He’ll even take two of you on at once
  • Elite CQC – we need players and teams to get into CQC and see who can get the best KDR
  • Sea of Thieves – there’s already a big crew building – see discord for details (or find out on the day)
  • Pulsar: Lost Colony with EidLeWeise from Lave Radio
  • Beat Paige at Gangbeasts – warning – she’ll steal your hat and then throw you around by your ears
  • ToyBox Turbos – who’s the fastest around the dining table?
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew – one crew is already half full – can you volunteer for the next away team?
  • Quake Live – some retro rocket jump fragging
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – in the planning, but potentially we’re going Gator wrestling and stage coach racing
  • Cards against Humanity ONLINE against everyone
  • Carcassonne
  • Move or Die
  • Human Fall Flat with Sally Morgan Moore
  • Rocket League with CMDR Worzle

Get the games installed in advance, get over to the Discord channel and show us what games you’re interested in, we’ll pair you up

On the day – just pop into one of the games rooms on Teamspeak server (or our registration desk) and we’ll start pairing you up with other commanders.

For Xbox, send a friend request to commander Rampage737 and he’ll add you to the Xbox Party.

For PS4 there’s a PSN Community all set up by AllCrowsAreBlack – just look for it as below: