Artemis Guide



What is Artemis?

Artemis is a multi player cooperative game designed for anyone who watched Star Trek and dreamed of what it would be like to sit on the bridge of a star ship.

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together making up all the stations required. From Engineering, Science, Comms, Weapons and Helm.

The Captain relies on his crew to follow his commands, bring their own expertise and ‘skills’ and keep the ship alive through a very testing universe where everything is out to kill you.

Protect your re-supply stations, help the other innocent pilots out there from the scurge of pirates and enemy ships.

Work as a team to complete the mission, run your station well and keep your captain fully aware of the key information, but most importantly… have fun.


Artemis 2018 Setup

What do I do?

There are 6 roles to play in a game of Artemis

The Captain:

You are the strategist, you react and direct your crew to greatness, do you direct all stations to make you nukes? Or are you planning a different approach to the enemies? Help that ship under attack or return to pick up supplies? Hide behind the mine field and insult all the enemies luring them to a painful trap? Its a role that can lead your crew to success or abject failure. Often handy to have some idea of the game and how the stations work in order to help newer crew members.  Ultimately you tell your crew where you want to go, how to react, when to fire.. and if Simoof is on your team to STOP FIRING AT EVERYTHING!!

The Science Station:

You see all the points of contact incoming, you can scan them to see if friendly or foe.. then scan again for weaknesses. Report the key information to the captain so he can direct the rest of the crew to take advantage of your information.


You load the weapons tubes, fire the weapons and set the best frequencies to defeat and bypass your enemies shields.


You control the repair crews, the energy levels to keep the ship moving, the shields up. Watch in horror as hull breaches and power overloads decimate your engineers, apollogise profoundly to the captain as you limp slowly back to a station barely clinging to life. Its quite a complex station to run.


Often overlooked as the easy station, but comms officers can significantly change the entire outcome of a mission by cleverly managing the vast chess peices on the map, and making sure that when you get to a station to resupply that they have what you need.  It’s a really simplistic station with a complex effect on the game. You also control the main screen to help the captain see what he wants.


You drive the big ship, avoid crashing and get out of dodge when the call for “EVASIVE MANEUVERS” comes. Set the course and get the ship where it needs to be and away from the explodey bad bits.

Help For Beginners

It is a scary concept to play this as a new player, but do not worry too much. Our Artemis team will help guide you with advice and even a quick run through to get you up to speed on the day.  If however you are keen on being a bridge superstar and want to learn all there is to know before you even get to the seat… then please have a look at our handy guide and hint sheets.

Artemis Hint Sheets v1.1


How do I get involved?

On the day there is usually a crew sign up page with timeslots for your game, each game usually takes no more than 1 hour and your team score is logged at the end.

If you don’t have a crew but want to play.. speak to the Artemis team and see if they have open slots on crews, also ask people around the convention if they are playing and if you can join them.

Its a great way to have a laugh and meet new friends.