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vECM 2020 Accounting Update

After making the decision not to pursue a physical meet for ECM in 2021, we requested and received a full refund for the Cambridge Chesterton Indoor Bowls Club, we have divided this amount by 2 and have now made the final donations to our chosen charities to bring the accounts for ECM 2020 to a close.

We have updated the financial statement accordingly and you can download a copy for your records here.

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding, and we are SOOO looking forward to the next physical ECM…

vECM 2020 Accounting

We all want to give a huge massive gigantic thank you to everyone who supported both the attempted ECM and attended our vECM event this year.

Given the overwhelming generosity of you amazing people, we raised a spectacular amount for our charities and sent out a LOT of raffle prizes.. Also we had a pretty fun and amazing day. Highlights are available of the various main stream sections on the hutton truckers youtube channel.

But we are here to reveal the finalised financial detailings for this years event, hopefully its easy to understand and you can see that all pennies are accounted for.

Thank you once again for the amazing support through donations of raffle prizes, time, efforts, ticket purchases and donating the refund from the original event. You guys all rock.

Financial Summary (Click To Download)

Covid-19 – Issues and Concerns

With the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are carefully monitoring the advice from both the UK Government and the World Health Organization.
In Scotland public meetings of more than 500 people have been banned, and the instructions are changing as the situation develops.
At this current time, we hope, want and expect the event to go ahead as planned.

We have a fantastic venue and we will work with them to ensure a safe and compliant venue where possible, and take definitive action as and when required.
We encourage our attendees to take all and any actions to keep themselves and fellow attendees safe and well. Please avoid basing your actions on social media posts and instead follow the instructions by government bodies and/or the World Health Organization.

* If you are of a particular risk group or just don’t want to take the chance, then we ask that you don’t attend, if you are symptomatic please follow the advice of self Isolation and don’t attend.

* We are not a company, this event is not for profit nor is it critical to any of our organisers income, we operate on a non profit basis with any surplus funds being split between our chosen charities.
We offer no-quibble refunds for your tickets and should attendees wish to request refunds for any reasons we intend to respect that fully.
This may however leave us with a personal cost, deposits have been paid and we might organise a virtual event/stream to help raise funds to cover these costs and charitable donation should it be required.

This is an unprecedented situation for us all, and we know there is no right or wrong answers as to how far is too far to go to protect yourself and vunerable loved ones.
We fully intend to make sensible and intelligent decisions based on the advice of the UK Government and WHO.



If you want to obtain a full refund and not attend, you can do so through your paypal transaction OR by requesting one by sending an email to please include your booking reference, and details you provided when making the booking.

We have already had emails from some of you amazing commanders pledging that no matter what happens they do not wish to have their tickets refunded. If this leads to a surplus of funds we will again honour the split to charities for all profits.

We will publish the financials for this event wether it goes ahead as planned or not.

We thank all of you for your understanding as this whole situation plays out, we hope to see you at the event on April 11th so we can have a lot of fun together.

Yours sincerley,

Grant, Simon, Eddie, Jim & David

The ECM 2019 – Manchester Accounts are out!

ECM 2019 Manchester - Financial Summary

How To Find the ECM conference room!

WE have a lovely video of how to find the event room at the venue.

Accounts – 2016

Please find below a link to the financial summary for the event in 2016

Finances EM 2016 – Sheet1

Elite Meet – Glasgow 2016



Redhurst Hotel

IMG_9026 our bar more bar

Rules of the day

Rules of the day:

1. Be excellent to each other.

2. If you want a go at something, just ask the person who owns it nicely. Don’t hog the gaming terminals, let other people have a go.

3. Respect other people’s gear and property. Some people are bringing some truly fantastic technology. Treat it with respect. Don’t put your pint down right next to someone’s water cooled pride and joy.

4. If something’s bothering you, find a member of the admin team and have a chat! We’re there to help.

5. Remember, the event is run BY the gaming community. Everyone’s a volunteer. Everyone’s paying to be there. People have given up time, skills, enthusiasm and their own pennies to put on a great day. If something needs doing, we would always appreciate a hand from you all – everyone chips in to make it a grand day out.

6. Assistance Dogs are trained to accept food/rewards from their owners. Please, as much as they look soppy, don’t offer treats to the Assistance Dogs present, it ruins their training. Always ask first before approaching an assistance dog – they’re there on a job helping their partner. Say ‘hi’ to the handler first!

Four days to go…..

Right ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have a full house! 162 tickets sold. (We have had 2 confirmed no shows). 121 for lunch, 101 for dinner, 50 coming to the Pizzameet on Sunday. A couple of vegetarians, fully catered for.

Games galore – the multiplayer station has everything from Nidhogg and Stick Fight to Gang Beasts & Lego Batman with a little Hogs of War thrown in for good measure.

We have Elite, Empyrion, Satellite Reign, Invisible Inc, Warlock of Firetop Mountain

We have VR machines. We have Blastard demoing his full motion VR rig.

We have a cornucopia, maybe even a plethora of retro gaming in one corner.

Board games include:
Zombicide, One night ultimate werewolf, carcassonne, space base commander, Star Wars miniatures, Ticket to ride, Tak, Labyrinth, Bananagrams, Chupacabra, Fluxx Monty Python edition, Spyfall, Cards against humanity, Exploding Kittens, Risk, Escape from Colditz…. and many many more

We have sandwiches and pizza for lunch and PIE! (yay pie) or Fish’n’chips for dinner (or gnocci for the vegetarians).

We have ARTEMIS with the most incredible lighting rig you’ve ever seen for a game.

We have (count them) FIFTEEN Noblechairs to sit on whilst playing.

We have a raffle full of epic prizes

SpecialEffect, Hearing Dogs

We have ED:RPG, HCS Voice packs, Frontier, some Indie game developers, Elite app developers (x2). We have an author, some musicians, an artist, a publisher (yes, Dantastic Fan from Fantastic books).

We have the HUTTON TRUCKERS, Hammers of Slough, Pixel Bandits, Canonn Interstellar and many other player groups.

What’s best though is that we have YOU LOT. Remember, this is a social day, it’s about DOING. We’re not there to entertain you *(but we will try) – you’re there to get stuck in and have a laugh.

EliteMeet – 28th March 2015, Birmingham,



Details On The Frontier Forums Here

Following on from the enormous success (and bar bill) of the Launch Party after-party we are reviving EliteMeet to try and keep the spirit of the party alive. If you weren’t at the after-party then you missed out on a huge amount of fun and chat and booze (and pizza before it ran out)! :D

EliteMeet first happened a couple of years ago as an informal gathering of Elite Dangerous fans. The thinking about reviving EliteMeet is that there is a large gap between the two main Elite Dangerous related events (FantastiCon in October and LaveCon in July) and some of us can’t bear the thought of nine months without a get-together so the idea of reviving EliteMeet came about. We see EliteMeet more as a gathering than a ‘Con’ and a chance to socialise in the main as well as kicking the Elite Dangerous events year off in a relaxed style. There may also be a chance to bring gaming kit along (please contact the organisers first via this thread as there will be limited room for kit) and also a chance to participate in sessions of Selezen’s excellent Elite Encounters RPG! We may even have a surprise guest or two (no, not me… that’s no surprise at all!) :)

Longer term we see EliteMeet happening every Spring but in a different location around the country each year to give people from all parts to attend at some point or another. While LaveCon and FantastiCon are more firmly located in the Elite Dangerous Galactic core EliteMeet will be the wandering star :)

So, if you would like to attend; clear your diary for Saturday 28th March from 10am onwards and make your way to this year’s venue which is in Birmingham, a few minutes from Acocks Green station, at the Best Western Westley Hotel. Tickets are £10 to cover the cost of the venue with any surplus going towards loot, teas/coffees or perhaps the bar. The hotel have also graciously offered 10% off room prices for people attending. More details and how to book can be seen by clicking on the link below or the banner image.

In brief :

When? Saturday 28th, March
Time? 10am until we fall asleep
Where? Best Western, Westley Hotel, Acocks Green, Birmingham
Why? You’re asking why? :eek:
ecm2015crowd ecm2015pic1 ecm2015pic2 ecm2015pic3 ecm2015pic4
The Revitalised Elite Meet brought to you by Mike Snoswell & Ben Moss-Woodward