Code Of Conduct

We expect a high standard of behaviour from our volunteers, guests and attendees.

Encouraged Behaviour
* Friendliness
* Helping people around the venue
* Looking out for fellow attendees
* Respect equipment and the venue furniture
* Request permission from equipment owners before use (unless otherwise directed)
* Notify Event Volunteers of any issues that may affect guests/attendees
* Have fun
* Be Respectful
* Be Patient
* Be Nice
* Be Considerate
* IF it is late in the evening, keep the noise reasonable
* Be Aware of blocking access ways for Disabled Attendees
* Don’t leave a mess

Unacceptable Behaviour
* Abuse – Verbal or Physical
* Excessive Drunkardness
* Recreational Drug use/Illegal Substances
* Racism
* Sexism
* Harassment Sexual/Verbal/Physical
* Criminal Activity (theft / vandalism etc)
* Shouting

Working Dogs
Assistance Dogs are likely to be in attendance, they are working please take the following simple rules into account;
* Always ask the handler first before approaching an assistance dog.
* If food is being served in the area, be mindful of any spills that may be consumed by working dogs. Alert venue staff to spills as soon as they occur.
* Don’t offer treats to the Assistance Dogs without permission from their handler.
* If in doubt, ask the handler.

If you feel anyone is behaving inappropriately please contact event volunteers/ organisors as soon as possible.