ECM 2020 Tickets nearly sold out!

With 53 days to go before the event itself, we’re down to our last handful of tickets available!

Our thanks to Frontier, HCS Voice Packs, Spidermind, Tinman Games & Jonas Event Technology for sponsoring us and supporting the event with content and epic items for the raffle.

Also – to the Elite community.  250 of you…. you’re epic and thanks for booking to come and join us.

We have no fewer than NINE commanders coming with VR rigs and demonstrations with them, including one attached to a full motion setup.  An XBOX CQC corner, huge “retro” gaming area including Frontier’s own back catalogue.  We have Drew Wagar (Elite tie-in author and self confessed lore nut), a collection of community streamers including Obsidian Ant.  We have a demo of a new Elite app, a twin stick FAOFF setup, the Docking Darts challenge, a chess competition to Spank the Hankey (we’ll explain on the day), Hutton Orbital LIVE, an enormous charity raffle and representatives from all sorts of player groups. Plus lots more….

Jon and Oliver from Spidermind are bringing Battlecards, EDRPG and their stand-out stand-up success project – the Level Up.

There’s ACHunt and his awesome ship schematics, Beetlejude and her stunning Elite artwork, John Vanillah and pirate captain Defoe Smith who are the talented voices behind a number of the parody songs broadcast on Hutton orbital radio over the years.  CMDR Evenstar will be there with his etching gear and making CMDR dog tags in return for charity donations.

14 of Frontier’s team are joining us and kicking back to have a laugh for the day, including Will, Stephen and Zac.  We’ll all be saying a sad farewell to Paige who is moving to pastures new, but still coming along to say g’bye to everyone.

Baz and Ali from SpecialEffect will be in attendance, as will a rep from Hearing Dogs – showing us where all the funds raised go and how they bring joy and much needed help to those that need it.

Lunch is sponsored by Frontier.  Dinner will be extra at your own cost should you want it – more on this later.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting content!