ECM 2021 – Update

It is normally at this time of year that a few of us start rolling the rocks to create the next year’s ECM, complaining yet again for leaving it so late.
We have been talking for a while now and have made the unanimous decision not to organise a physical meet-up for Easter 2021.

ECM needs to be an event where people can relax and feel safe. Currently this is not achievable.

As soon as physical meetings become possible and safe, I am sure some CMDRs will put time into organising a few mini-ECMs/Pizza meets to scratch the festering sore that is our desire to meet up for a chat and fun.

Easter 2021, specifically Saturday the 3rd April 2021, we will combine efforts and focus on doing things to help bring the community together virtually and hopefully bring your consciousness out of your familiar surroundings. We want that “special day” feeling again, where you can play with people, what ever you fancy, or just sit as a wall flower feeling connected to a group of friends. We will use technology, the skills of our core team, and volunteers to bring the fun and social aspects of ECM to the comfort of your own home via your computer.

We understand fully how disappointing this decision is, as we all feel it too. The passion we hold for organising ECM is hopefully very clear from the amazing volunteers, core team, and the hard work we put in to making this event happen. It is the highlight of our year.

What we would ask in the mean time is that you all look out for your friends. Open the virtual doors to play with them. Reach out to help those struggling with loneliness and isolation. Keep contact open and keep the fun alive and going strong.

This situation will pass, it will improve and we will be there to greet you all at a future ECM with open, sanitised arms when we can do it safely.
Keep Safe,

Our Chosen Charities

As a non-profit group we donate any left over funds after events to our two chosen charities.


Special Effect is an organisation that seeks to help those who have challenges accessing gaming due to physical disabilities. They work with people to identify and use existing technologies and design new solutions that can help those individuals get the same pleasure as most of us do from the gaming world.


Hearing Dogs obtains, trains and homes Hearing Assistance dogs with those that would most benefit from a companion that can alert them to various aural queues that most of us take for granted. They Assist with audible alerts such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, mobile phone alerts etc. Not only do they assist with these alerts but they also provide real companionship as well.

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