Elite Community Meet 2023

Event and meal tickets can be purchased on our Tickets page. Read on below for event information.

Last few Tickets available.

For those that haven’t been to an ECM before – “What is it?”

It a non commercial event run by us, the community, to have a place to get together and share company, gaming, a bite to eat and a drink with fellow gamers.

It’s NOT a “programmme driven” event with formal panels, talks etc from a stage, NOR is it cluttered with stalls from commercial sponsors.

Whilst it began with Elite, & friends getting together from the Elite Dangerous playing community – over the years it just celebrates our hobbies in a wider sense.

What is there to do?
Whilst those of us helping organise it bring a lot – it REALLY hinges on you. If you’ve got a game you want to play, consider hosting it, whether that’s a board/card game, something on your computer or anything else.

As always there will be some multiplayer gaming courtesy of our retro area – things like manic games of MarioKart, Gangbeasts (always a laugh) for 4 players at a time on a shared screen. Our retro area is CHOC full of BBC Micro, Spectrum, Amiga, Atari classics. There’s an upright arcade machine for a bit of Streetfighter, Pacman and all that jazz.

Details over at ECM 2023 Activities

Celebrity superstar from Red Dwarf, Mr Norman Lovett will be joining us across the day to join in, take selfies, raise money for charity.

There will be a charity raffle. Details later on that one.

And of course, it’s traditional for us to have a Hutton Orbital Live and Dockers live recording in the evening – often featuring guest presenters.

We like organising a quiz in the afternoon – something to do after lunch.

To help commanders break the ice there will be many other social games to try. These will include modern card and board games for you to enjoy. Or if you wish you can just sit and chat with other commanders over lunch or a beer.

We also have our Artemis Starship Bridge simulator for teams to enter and try and achieve the highest score against our very own Commander Zaphodbeeble.

You are also encouraged to bring your own PC kit should you want to demo hardware or games. Also if you have a board/card game you’d love to play please do bring them along.

As always we are supporting our two chosen charities at this event Special Effect and Hearing Dogs. Any surplus funds following the event will be divided up and donated to these two charities. Check out our Chosen Charities Page for more information on, and links to, these charities.


The event is on the 19th August 2023, at the Hilton St Anne’s Manor Hotel


Entry to the main hall will start at 10am with the event closing at 12:00 midnight. Day tickets (£25) cover entry to the event and a lunch buffet (Sandwiches, hot food and chips).

For those staying over or who can stay late on the Saturday night there is also the option to join other commanders for an evening meal through the purchase of a dinner ticket.

Details of the meals can be found on the Meals page once we confirm final menu options.

Please give your dietary requirements when you purchase your ticket for the event.

Accommodation is available at the hotel with a preferential B&B rate for conference attendees. details of that and other nearby budget options can be found on our Accommodation page once confirmations are in.

The venue is within 3 miles of both Wokingham and Bracknell railway Stations and just off Junction 10 on the M4.

More detailed transport information can be found on our Getting There page where there will soon be maps and links to all the local transport services.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your interest in our event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

You can sign up with our Facebook Event Page if you prefer to get your updates that way. We like that because it gives us another way to keep you updated.

Our Chosen Charities

As a non-profit group we donate any left over funds after events to our two chosen charities.


Special Effect is an organisation that seeks to help those who have challenges accessing gaming due to physical disabilities. They work with people to identify and use existing technologies and design new solutions that can help those individuals get the same pleasure as most of us do from the gaming world.


Hearing Dogs obtains, trains and homes Hearing Assistance dogs with those that would most benefit from a companion that can alert them to various aural queues that most of us take for granted. They Assist with audible alerts such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, mobile phone alerts etc. Not only do they assist with these alerts but they also provide real companionship as well.

Facebook Posts

The raw, unexpurgated (ok, we applied some scissors to the bits which were just us playing games with nothing interesting happening for camera) video has FINALLY finished uploading. Or at least Part 1 of it has.youtu.be/bgnNGaNQXBsFrom opening, via Frontier and others playing Artemis, through to the group selfie outside, Norman doing what Norman does, and of course the RAFFLE!Part 2 has the Frontier sketch, Sea Shanties, Hutton Orbital Live and of course Dockers - coming SOON!NOTE RE THE STREAM - This is the first time we've done an Elite event without the aid of Mr Kow and Mr Moof and we were totally winging it on the audio. That said - our thanks to Lithobreaker, TheDourScot, Little_Grey for their EPIC work on wrangling the audio! ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to:Everyone who came along. Everyone who donated.Everyone who won!Thank you to:Norman Lovett for joining in.Anyone who bought their kit.Frontier for everything!From everyone at the ECM team thank you all, it’s you that make the event what it is! We sincerely hope you all had a fabulous time and will come again.We will crunch the numbers and reveal the scores on the doors once we are able to catch our breath.Until the next time….MUG! ... See MoreSee Less
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Ticket reminders and Joining Instructions are being sent out on Wednesday in case your cat/spam filter/garbage disposal ate the previous copies.Though worry not. If your name is down, you're coming in - just say hi when you arrive! ... See MoreSee Less
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Less than a week to go now! Everything shaping up nicely and the mid range forecast looks good.Looking forward to seeing everyone there! ... See MoreSee Less
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Having spoken to chef - menu has now been finalised:elitecommunitymeet.info/food-reading-2023As per notes - those of you who have indicated allergies/vegan/vegetarian preference will be looked after by chef on an individual plate basis!Barbecue will be done outside by chef and the team - and served in the Secret Garden - as will lunch - UNLESS weather is terrible then will be served in the St Anne's Foyer. ... See MoreSee Less
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Less than a month to go now! Notification from the hotel that they're looking pretty chockablock and not many rooms left now for the Sat night. ... See MoreSee Less
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Only 12 spaces left, and 78 days to go until the event! ... See MoreSee Less
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