Elite Meet – Manchester – 2nd November 2013​


Details on the Frontier Forum here

The Venue


Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel


So why that date?
The date was chosen to mark the 1st anniversary of the kickstarter, and because the next weekend Man Utd are at home to Arsenal, and I think we might want to avoid that night.

So why at the airport and not the city centre?
Because the airport is easy to get to however you are getting there, there are plenty of hotels to book at and it is actually cheaper than city centre.

But what if we want to go into the city centre?
The idea is we all gather in one place, as long as it has a bar, it doesn’t matter where we are. If we do decide to go into the city, there is a wide choice of transport … just don’t get a taxi, trust me they will charge you extra because of the airport.


This first event was organised by Darren Grey, Alien on the Frontier Forums, with the ethos of a meet up for beer and a chat, it was attened by 38 commanders, and was a lot of fun.


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