Four days to go…..

Right ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have a full house! 162 tickets sold. (We have had 2 confirmed no shows). 121 for lunch, 101 for dinner, 50 coming to the Pizzameet on Sunday. A couple of vegetarians, fully catered for.

Games galore – the multiplayer station has everything from Nidhogg and Stick Fight to Gang Beasts & Lego Batman with a little Hogs of War thrown in for good measure.

We have Elite, Empyrion, Satellite Reign, Invisible Inc, Warlock of Firetop Mountain

We have VR machines. We have Blastard demoing his full motion VR rig.

We have a cornucopia, maybe even a plethora of retro gaming in one corner.

Board games include:
Zombicide, One night ultimate werewolf, carcassonne, space base commander, Star Wars miniatures, Ticket to ride, Tak, Labyrinth, Bananagrams, Chupacabra, Fluxx Monty Python edition, Spyfall, Cards against humanity, Exploding Kittens, Risk, Escape from Colditz…. and many many more

We have sandwiches and pizza for lunch and PIE! (yay pie) or Fish’n’chips for dinner (or gnocci for the vegetarians).

We have ARTEMIS with the most incredible lighting rig you’ve ever seen for a game.

We have (count them) FIFTEEN Noblechairs to sit on whilst playing.

We have a raffle full of epic prizes

SpecialEffect, Hearing Dogs

We have ED:RPG, HCS Voice packs, Frontier, some Indie game developers, Elite app developers (x2). We have an author, some musicians, an artist, a publisher (yes, Dantastic Fan from Fantastic books).

We have the HUTTON TRUCKERS, Hammers of Slough, Pixel Bandits, Canonn Interstellar and many other player groups.

What’s best though is that we have YOU LOT. Remember, this is a social day, it’s about DOING. We’re not there to entertain you *(but we will try) – you’re there to get stuck in and have a laugh.