Raffle Terms & Conditions 2019

All raffle prizes donations are welcome, and we are always overwhelmed by the generosity of the community around us and the companies that support our events.

In order to protect the value of these donations and to maximise the potential donation total to charities we have the following policies on the raffle.

There is no limit on the number of tickets any individual may purchase.

There is no limit on the number of prizes any individual may win.

The draw will be made publicly at the event and will make every effort to protect the integrity of a random draw.


In the event a winner already owns the prize that they have just won, Or if the prize is unsuitable or inappropriate the event team may chose to;

* Re-draw another ticket.

* Ask for attendees who are wanting to receive the prize, and ask the winning ticket holder to pick.

* Offer the prize to attendees who want it, and haven’t won a prize in the raffle yet.

* Offer an alternative version of the prize if possible at the time of the draw.

* Take any other appropriate actions at that time, with the intent to ensure the prize is won on the day.


All proceeds of the raffle will be protected and guaranteed to be split evenly between the chosen charities.

Any prizes won by attendees who have left will be sent by post where appropriate,

this will exclude items such as;

* Perishable Food Items

* Unsuitable for postage items

* Restricted items for postage


Where the postage costs are more than £10;

* The winner may be asked to contribute to the cost

* The winner may be given the choice to pick the prize up at a later event.

* The winner may arrange to pick the items up in person.


Any unsuitable prizes may be offered back to the donator, or advise sought as to their wishes of how to appropriately deal with their donated prize.

These policies are intended to make the raffle fun, fair and maintain the value and appreciation of the donated prizes.