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Thank you everyone at SpecialEffect have a lovely Christmas!! ...

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A little message from Hearing Dogs UK ...

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We have now completed the donations to Special Effect, and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People today, a total of £2,700 each. Thank you everyone for being so generous and supporting our event through the most difficult of times!!!!

You ALL rock!

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Good morning @everyone from the vECM team! As is traditional, we all stayed up too late last night talking and prepping things and maybe having a drink or three.

First order of the day is some freshly ground coffee and some breakfast. Then we head to the virtual venue to complete the setup. Tell you what, being virtual, and not in a hotel, this coffee is much nicer!

Over 1000 raffle tickets gone already which is great.

AND the discord alone now has more people in it than the capacity of the REAL event. (thanks, @Palantir for spotting that)

T minus 2h41m

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Evening* all! (*insert time zone suitable word here).

The vECM raffle tickets are now on sale! Awesome haul of prizes available. Draw is at 6pm BST tomorrow on

Tickets are available in colours of your choice at

If you buy any, check your email inbox spam thingy if you don't get your confirmation but your booking ref is down the bottom of the PayPal receipt too (the number bit of the invoice ID) and it can be used to look at your glorious tickets and see if you might have won at

Thank you so much to Kow, Moof, Eddie and the rest of the team for all the hard work programming it all and of course to the community for their generosity.

Current shenanigans won't stop us helping our two charities and having a ruddy good laugh at the same time.

ECMlive - Twitch
vECM 2020 - Live in your house!!

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