ECM 2023 Activities

The list of “what is there to do at the event (so far!)

Social Gaming:

  • 4 Player “Gangbeasts” chaos & Shenanigans
  • 4 Player Nintendo Wii Mariokart racing
  • 4 Player Assetto Corsa Racing with Wheels/Pedals
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator in the Ascot Suite
  • 4 Person Oculus Quest challenges
  • 4 Player Playstation 3 Gaming (Little big planet)
  • 4 Player Playstation 2 Gaming
  • 4 Player Playstation 1 Gaming
  • 4 player Elite wing on Steamdeck
  • Full Motion VR Rig with some CQC
  • Xbox CQC (Yes, we still LOVE the XBox)
  • BBC Micro Elite (Disk version)
  • BBC Micro Elite (CoPro Version)
  • BBC Master System Elite
  • Acorn Electron Elite
  • ArcElite on An A3010 (and Zarch)
  • NES Elite
  • Amiga 1200 Frontier Elite II
  • Commodore 64 Elite
  • Spectrum 128k Elite
  • Spectrum NEXT
  • Elite in VR (Vive)
  • Famicom, Atari, Megadrive, Sega Saturn
  • Full height arcade

Other Activities:

  • Special Guest Norman Lovett
  • Team from Frontier Developments joining in the gaming
  • BeetleJude LIVE art from the world of Elite
  • Event build of TWO Lego SRV’s for the raffle
  • “Totally Blank” Quiz
  • The raffle
  • Hutton Orbital LIVE
  • Dockers LIVE
  • Mr Pitcher and his magic metal etching machine (get your dog tags!)

Board & Tabletop games:

  • Chess VS Mr Hankey
  • Zombicide
  • Elite Miniatures game
  • Star Wars miniatures game
  • Elite Battlecards
  • LCU No Fool Like One’s NEW Elite game
  • Cards against just about everything + many more group card games
  • An assortment of board games including Ticket to Ride, Above and Below, Near and Far, Princess Bride, Hero Quest


  • Lunch (included)
  • Barbecue style dinner (Optional Extra)


  • The company of the Elite Community