ECM 2023 – Site visit & “Summer weather prep”

Made our first return visit to the Hilton St Anne today since 2018 for a recce on the venue, what’s changed and to meet the events team who will be looking after us.

Those who went to the last one in 2018 at this location will remember the main room – but as this year we’re in the heart of summer, we’ve been making sure that there’s access to some special outdoor space, and plenty of room in the social areas of the hotel.

They’ve very kindly added in the “Secret Garden” attached to the venue – a private lawn area with seating.

If the weather’s nice – the food service may well move from our private bar to the outdoor area – leaving us more room in there for chatting and gaming!

Additional to that, the venue itself has a covered area with tables and comfy chairs outdoors, plus the conservatory, plus ample space for sitting/drinking/chatting/playing games throughout the hotel.

The swimming pool and SPA is back in action having been out of action in 2018 – for hotel residents only though! The aircon works really well in the main room, they’ve reassured us that there are EXTRA bar staff and PLENTY of cold drinks (in fact, they’ve put it in the contract that we’re a thirsty bunch).