Rules of the day

Rules of the day:

1. Be excellent to each other.

2. If you want a go at something, just ask the person who owns it nicely. Don’t hog the gaming terminals, let other people have a go.

3. Respect other people’s gear and property. Some people are bringing some truly fantastic technology. Treat it with respect. Don’t put your pint down right next to someone’s water cooled pride and joy.

4. If something’s bothering you, find a member of the admin team and have a chat! We’re there to help.

5. Remember, the event is run BY the gaming community. Everyone’s a volunteer. Everyone’s paying to be there. People have given up time, skills, enthusiasm and their own pennies to put on a great day. If something needs doing, we would always appreciate a hand from you all – everyone chips in to make it a grand day out.

6. Assistance Dogs are trained to accept food/rewards from their owners. Please, as much as they look soppy, don’t offer treats to the Assistance Dogs present, it ruins their training. Always ask first before approaching an assistance dog – they’re there on a job helping their partner. Say ‘hi’ to the handler first!